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District: North Point

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Vendor: Golden Kent International Limited. Holding companies of the vendor: HING YING SERVICES LIMITED, GLOBAL TRINITY CHINA LIMITED, MAXLUCK OVERSEAS LTD. Authorized person for the Development: Mr. Wong Min Hon Thomas of Wong Tung & Partners Limited. Building contractor for the Development: Hip Seng Construction Company Limited. The firm of solicitors acting for the owner in relation to the sale of the residential properties in the Development: Kao, Lee & Yip, Mayer Brown. Any authorized institution that has made a loan, or has undertaken to provide finance, for the construction of the Development: Not applicable. Any other person who has made a loan for the construction of the Development: MAX MORAL LIMITED, TRADE JET INVESTMENTS LIMITED, CHEUNG HUNG DEVELOPMENT (HOLDINGS) LIMITED, CHEERTOP INVESTMENTS LIMITED, HING YING SERVICES LIMITED, New World Finance Company Limited, Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited, HOUSING FINANCE LIMITED, GLOBAL TRINITY CHINA LIMITED (The loan provided by the 9 companies has been settled). This website is published by the vendor of FLEUR PAVILIA. Prospective purchaser is advised to refer to the sales brochure for any information on the Development.

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Fleur Pavilia

Fleur Pavilia

Experience the Fleur Island

Enter the expanse
of trembling pine, plum blossom, bamboo.
A white blanket of blossoms swallows the body,
covering one like a blessing, hovering.
Sweetness in the air compels calm;
quiet falls under the billowing blooms.
the clarity of green leaf and petal-breath.

Heaviness leaves the mind under the spell
of flower-daze. A lightness,
a sense of floating descends.
Time dissolves. There is music
in the stems,
the gentle melody of mystery -
how nature heals, and makes us whole.

Inspiration for the ages,
flower-souls lift
our own.


The Neighbourhood

Reflecting on
Kai Yuen

Kai Yuen,
concealed within verdant greens
is a pearl within a pearl.

Stretching beyond mere house walls,
Kai Yuen is a secret neighborhood oasis
amidst the busy cityscape.
An elusive beauty,
this coy gem inspires the dreamers:
writers, thinkers and artists
Like moths to light in the night.

Tucked quietly into the hillside,
Kai Yuen is a welcome respite
From the bustling whirlwind;
A tranquil haven for old traditions and heritage
to live and breathe.

A dwelling to call home for all seasons

The three friends of winter


The pine is praised for withstanding time; her body stands rooted and unshaken despite the winds of storm.

Hearty, needled fingers lead towards strong branching arms, held fast by a firm, evergreen foundation.

The three friends of winter - Pine


Bamboo glows bright and leafy even in the depths of the winter months.

She is the epitome of abundance, gracefully surfacing through the hardest ground.

Her hollow, pliable core bends to the breeze but never breaks.

The three friends of winter - Bamboo

Plum blossom

The five sacred petals of plum flower punctuate the snowy expanse with blooms.

Plum is the essence of purity and renewal, displaying humble elegance amidst the chaos of winter.

The three friends of winter - Plum blossom

Designers profile

Design Philosophy of - Ohtori Consultants Co. Ltd.

Landscape Designer

Design Philosophy of
Ohtori Consultants Co. Ltd.

As a renowned landscape design company from Japan, Ohtori Consultants are expert in representing history, environment and context of spaces with modern…

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As a renowned landscape design company from Japan, Ohtori Consultants are expert in representing history, environment and context of spaces with modern Japanese style landscape. Impressive sceneries are curated by the formation and manipulation of nature.

Ohtori team imagined Fleur Island to be place of pleasure and happiness, surrounded with water, flower, dappled light with the sound of waterfall and birdsong in the embracement of nature.

The design linked multiple levels of outdoor spaces with green and water, carefully crafted interface between private and public realm that the natural landscape could be enjoyed from within or beyond.

Inspired by Fleur Pavilia’s rich forest backdrop, story of water has been introduced. Spring water are carried to become the stream, joined and become the pond.

Natural landscape changes between day and night, between seasons and seasons. Ohtori’s design changes with time and transcend the susceptibility of time. Subtle and dynamic changes of landscape provide perpetual joy to residents. Flour would become the new heritage of neighborhood to be inherited beyond time.

Design Philosophy of - Shigeru Uchida & team

Interior Design

Design Philosophy of
Shigeru Uchida & team

Shigeru Uchida believes design is the connection of ‘human’, ‘society’ and ‘nature’, and the way they co-exist in harmony.

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Shigeru Uchida believes design is the connection of ‘human’, ‘society’ and ‘nature’, and the way they co-exist in harmony.

For Uchida, time and space is inseparable. To design space, it is to design time. People gone through daily routines in their “everyday time”. They need a break from such time to recover their minds. Time of religion and rituals are the moments when people passes their transcendental time. When everyday time needs an everyday space, the break from everyday time also requires space that could liberate people’s mind.

People experiences prenatal regression when they crosses tearoom through nijiriguchi. The crossing of boundary is an invitation to refresh one’s body and mind. The vitality and energy for creativity is satisfied.

Unhid emphasized on the connection between interior space and landscape. Since the garden would be the focal point in Fleur Pavilion, an unexaggerated, simple and calm interior could create a cozy place of living.

Feminine sensitivity, being a source of movement against 20th century masculine theoretical is a key in the project. Echidna’s design is to regenerate sensitivities that human being have had originally, such as coexistence with nature, care towards each other and delicate sensations. The design of Fleur Pavilion aspired by internal substantiality, like tearooms that contain the modest and delicate aesthetic.

Craftsmanship is embodied not only through traditional techniques in material processing, such as texture of Japanese paper, bamboos, ceramics and woodworks. For Uchida, creation of microcosm with artifacts and natural object harmoniously integrating with each other is of utmost importance.

Unhid has noted that in the 20th century, “weakness” has been overcame and human headed for things powerful to create a strong society. Modern society achieved “strength” by eliminating things that were not within the bounds of modern rationalism such as things that are inefficient, invisible, intangible, ambiguous and irregular. Modern rationalism determined logical objectivity of scientific technology and industrial technology as the universal value. Unique cultures, history, customs, traditions were cut off and depreciated as systems of the past. Unhid observed that these traditions still exist in Japan. Tea ceremony is perceived to be a method for deeper exchange of the mind by contemplating ‘human relations’, ‘relationship between humans and nature’ and ‘meaning of life’. Unhid believes instead of eliminating these cultures, new attribute could be created by their fusion. His team has continued to create tearooms, which are adapted to the present with different forms and styles from the past. They hold a stern belief that the spirit of tea ceremony has been in no way altered.

In this project, they have incorporated three major interior elements. First, it is the public area as neutral zone to connect outside and inside landscape. Unhid compared it to the Engawa-verandah as the realm of neutral, and as the “SO-KUKAN”, the simple place to shine the landscape. The second is the partition design. They adopted translucent materials to enable beautiful scenery to and from the garden, at the same time securing privacy by soft division of facilities and public area. The last element is the facility design. Each space has independent interior and sufficient modern sensibility while connected seamlessly with the public space. Echidna’s design of Fleur Pavilion contains mutual influences of these elements with each other.


The photograph without computerized imaging techniques was taken on 25 March 2018 at Sir Cecil's Ride when the Development was still under construction and the photograph was not taken at the Development. The photograph has been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques. Prospective purchasers should note that the Development is still under construction, and the actual views from the Development and the appearance of the Development are different from those as shown in this photograph. This photograph is for reference only. Prospective purchasers shall not rely on this photograph for any purpose. This photograph does not constitute any offer, representation, promise or warranty, whether express or implied, from the Vendor.

The drawing is not drawn to scale and has been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques. It is simplified and does not show the Development and/or its surrounding environment, facilities, buildings and structures. All information and images on the drawing (including but not limited to stations and facilities) are for reference only and do not constitute any and shall not construed as giving an offer, representation, undertaking or warranty whether expressed or implied.